Oh my goodness why has it taken so long?

Wow I am sorry I guess I am just not a natural blogger! I haven’t given up on slimming world in fact I have been regularly attending class and am now down to nearly 4 1/2 stones lost …. I am struggling a bit to come to terms with the change in me…. You see I am still me but I have energy and I feel good . I have been overweight for 20 years and whilst I am not there yet I am changing. This is the first time in 20 years that I have been able to go to a shop and buy clothes … Whatever I desire … I have been playing around with styles… You see when you are really big you don’t really get to have a style you wear what fits!! Today I am wearing a dress to work that is showing off my new curves and it feels odd – odd but good.
I wonder whether everyone who loses weight feels like I do?


Another 6 bite the dust!

I like the way this blog has refocussed me on my weight loss.  Last night was weigh in and I made some little scan bran cakes to take along for everyone to try.  They went down very well and I printed out the recipe for everyone.  

Better than that  I lost yet another 6lbs!!! This is week 21 for me and I am stunned.

I think they all assumed that I just ate scanbran cake and nothing else but this could not be further from the truth.  I have only had it three times this week.  But I am trying for smaller portions so I feel satisfied rather than stuffed.

My husband thought I was joking when I told him – he didnt believe me until he saw the book and the Slimmer of the Week certificate 🙂

So two weeks ago when I started this blog I had 101 pounds left to lose, last week I lost 6lbs and got my 3 stone award (it was actually 3 stone 3lbs I had lost) and this week I lost another 6lbs making it my 3 1/2 stone award!!! This is since March 2013!

This means I have 89 to go …..

I am struggling a bit to come to terms with the weight I have lost in the last couple of weeks – I seemed to hover around 2 1/2 stone for weeks on end now I am at 3 1/2 stone and heading towards 4 stone – this is a huge change in my life and body – I feel a bit odd really – kind of like I cant believe it just yet.

I wonder whether anyone else feels like that … or am I just a bit odd?  

The other thing I find strange is watching peoples reaction to the scales as I am the weigh lady at my group.  Some people sidle up to me and it is like being a priest as they confess their food ‘sins’, others are really intense and serious, then there are the ‘I don’t care’ brigade who act like it doesnt matter then get upset when the scales show a 5 or 6lb increase.  

I also find attitudes to alcohol disturbing – why do you have to drink alcohol to have a good time? I had to give up the booze 18 months ago because I am on a tablet called Methotrexate for my psoriasis and whilst it was a bit odd at first it really doesnt bother me.  I wonder what we are doing to women (because it is nearly all women in my group) that causes so much stress in their lives that they really really need a drink to relax.  Isn’t that a shocking notion?  The idea that work pressures combined with caring duties at home causes these people I count as my friends to need a drink?  It has set me thinking about what stress can do!


Weighing Day … again and sausages!

Here we are again … Tuesday is weigh in day – I dont feel quite so nervous this week as I have stuck to the plan and think I have lost some more of this blasted weight!

I have to say I am loving this weather and thoroughly enjoying being hot without feeling awful with it – I am also delighted to feel like the arms can come out without quite so much wobble.

Big finds of the last few days have included Robinsons sugar free Summer fruits squash with cold sparkling water – delicious and refreshing… more importantly I have ordered some Slimmers sausages from our local farm shop – no fillers at all just lovely lean meat!  I have ordered Black pepper, Wendover Royals and Chilli and Garlic .. yum yum lets hope they live up to expectations!

Anyway I am now off to panic about this evening …. have a great day 

What a glorious weekend

Well hasn’t the weather been glorious? Yesterday was spent driving up to Rugby to collect a little portable washing machine. On the way up I was really hungry so I pulled into a service area on the M1 to find that it had a Costa coffee and McDonalds argh! So I had a panic then a look at the Slimming World website and realised that I could have a grilled chicken salad with balsamic dressing for 2 syns.

Well the lady serving in McDonalds looked at me like I had two heads then had to check whether it could be done without fried chicken then finally gave in and sold it to me. I have to say that it was really really hard for me not to order Big Mac , large fries and strawberry milkshake – that was my downfall in the past. I loved fast food … all of it! But shh don’t tell anyone! It has been the hardest thing to give up.

However, I did it and on the way back stopped at waitrose in Towcester and bought a huge box of strawberries, a smaller pot of raspberries and the most fantastic crabs one each for husband and me to go with salad for supper! Yummy is all I can say.

Today I played around with my toffee scan bran cake to see if it would be better in the oven and I made teeny little ones I will post a picture below. They are much better than the microwave ones but they need to be cooked at 200 degrees c for 25 mins then put on a rack upside down back in the oven for a further 5 minutes or the are soggy.

Note to self must take photos before tucking in. We are having garlic and rosemary lamb tonight and I will try to take a photo.


The day after …. scan bran cake

Well I was as miserable as sin (or should I say syn??) when I woke up this morning having munched my way through the whole scan bran cake from yesterday and just felt bloated and uncomfortable.  Then I got up and on with my morning and about an hour later nature took its course and I feel fantastic again …  In fact I feel a lot less hungry today and brighter and more positive.

I had a fantastic paella last night where the only naughty thing was the chorizo and there was only a tiny amount of it in the paella.  It was scrumptious … unfortunately I did not take a photo but this was how I made it;

One large onion really finely chopped up, three cloves of garlic and about 6 thin slices of chorizo which works out at just under 30g.

Dry fried those together because the chorizo had some fat in until they went translucent when I added a mug of Uncle Bens rice, a chopped up pepper, and 8 medium sized skinned tomatoes skinned and cut into 8ths.  I made up 1 pint of vegetable stock and added about half to this and two teaspoons of smoked paprika together with a hearty pinch of saffron.  Then I let it bubble a little bit adding more stock if needed.  – Probably about 20 mins until the rice was nearly cooked and the onion was lovely and soft.

Once this was done I added a good handful of peas which brightened the whole thing up a bit and some baby squid, scallops, medium sized peeled prawns, a little cooked chicken and 3 huge shell on prawns.  Covered it over and left it for a few minutes. Oh wow ..  I know this was extravagant but the whole thing cost a lot less than a Chinese takeaway and was just stunning!  It was full of flavour and colour!

So … I cannot recommend paella more highly – my 15 year old son was delighted to munch just as much as possible.

Anyway back to the Scan bran cake – I wish I had time to make one this morning – I feel really well after eating it and I will make it again this afternoon .  As for the paella … my son has just sent me a text requesting it again next week.

Toffee Scan Bran Cake

I think I may have calmed down a bit from my elation yesterday… I spent some time looking at other people’s blogs and they look so much more professional than my little effort. I think I need to play around with the layout and photos but I need to learn how it all works first!

This morning I got up a bit early and knocked up a Toffee Scan Bran Cake as I really do think this contributed to last weeks success. Now, if you dont know about Scan Bran – the best way to describe them is – roofing tiles! I can not eat them on their own they are utterly revolting. A lady at my group who has lost 6 stone brought a scan bran cake in with her that had banana and chocolate in but you have to syn the banana when it is mushed up and cooked and whilst it was very tasty I really didnt want to use my syns for that. So… I started looking round the internet and found a recipe for toffee scan bran cake … I have made it 6 or 7 times now and have played around with it to get it the way I like so here goes with my version;

5 x scanbran – 1 Healthy extra B, 2 x eggs well beaten, 1 x toffee mullerlite yoghurt, 1tsp ground cinnamon, 1 1/2 tablespoons granulated sweetener, 1/2 tsp baking powder.

Now you have to be really really careful with the scan bran – it needs to be sprinkled with enough boiling water to soften it but not to bog it down otherwise you end up with a soggy cake. So like I said just enough to soften it then add the beaten eggs, yoghurt, cinnamon, sweetener and baking powder. Mix it all together and pop it in a silicone loaf tin (make sure it is microwave safe). Then into the microwave for 10 minutes. When it is cooked you need to get it out of the tin immediately and upside down on a rack to cool because the bottom is a bit wet at this point. I leave it to steam and dry out for a few minutes and eat some of it warm, take the rest to work and microwave it again to eat warm.

I tend to count 1/2 syn for the baking powder.

I have taken a photo on my phone of the one I made this morning and will upload it onto this page for you. I found that it helps to have something sweeter and filling to get me through the mornings.


Oh WOW …

I know I should have updated this last night but so much happened … I cannot quite believe it.  After losing 3lbs (on dodgy scales) 3 weeks ago, then staying the same the following week then gaining 1lb last week and feeling so demotivated I decided to stick my head down and last night was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!

I lost 6lbs … yup that is correct .. 6lbs so I guess I should change the name of the blog to 95 to go :-).  I cannot tell you how incredible I feel – the last time I was this weight was nearly 20 years ago.  I have always got stuck before at the 2 stone mark and never gone further.  Even my husband is starting to believe that I can do it.

Everyone was asking how I did it and I think it is several small changes.  Firstly, I discovered ScanBran cake – everyone at my group has been talking about it and they were all making cake with loads of extras in it so it pushed up the syns so I spent some time on the net and found that there is a cake that is free on extra easy Slimming World that is a toffee cake .  I am going to make one when I get home tonight and I will take a picture and write up the recipe on my blog so I can always find it.

The second change I made was portion sizes … yes I know that Slimming World say you can eat as much as you like but I realised that when you actually read what they say it is supposed to be until you are satisfied not until they have to roll you out of the chair … as a typical slimmer who has had the weight for a long time I thought I could still pile it high and be uncomfortably full every night (why do I do this???) .  The truth is that I cant – I have to compromise a bit but still be satisfied.  So I have concentrated on reducing my portions very slightly every meal time and trying to learn that I can be satisfied without being uncomfortable.

Third and finally this week I have given up milk in my tea – to be honest I love tea – really nice tea and have always had it with a splash of milk – never even trying it without milk.  So, I tried it this week and actually prefer tea with no milk.  This leaves my Healthy extra A (dairy) free to have as either a milky coffee (which I adore and have missed) or to have Parmesan on my dinner or salad.  I dont feel like I have given anything up this way.

So … put it all together and … smiles all the way.

When I look over the negative way I felt about my consultant when I started writing this blog I think I have realised that actually I was projecting my own failure onto someone else I could blame.  She was warm and kind and supportive last night – I think she has the hardest job in the world dealing with all the members insecurities about how they look.  I am writing this so I can look back at this if I get frustrated again and remind myself how I felt when it was good.

9th July 2013 – Weigh in day

OK here goes … after 3 weeks of messing around I have really focussed this week. I have given a lot of thought to what I was doing and changed a few things. I made that momentous decision to give up milk in my tea and try to reduce my portion sizes to smaller than my 15 year old son has and I am hoping it has worked – I will find out when I jump on the scales at group tonight. The hardest part is that I think it might be my last week at this group mainly because although the members are lovely, I really find the consultant quite rude but we will see.. I said this a few weeks ago too! The members are a fantastic bunch and there are a couple in particular who are so warm and normal that I would miss them too much if I changed groups.

I always find weigh in days very stressful – I think it is because I really want this and it is a focus for what I have achieved all week. I am 3lbs off losing 3 stone so I really really want at least that. Oh dear I cant tell you how much this means to me this week and I cant believe that I am actually writing this down for someone else to read … I have never written anything publicly about my weight and I feel quite liberated doing this. I think it would be a good idea to take photos of my meals more to see if I am managing to get my portions down.

I dream of being a size 12 … I started at a 24 and this morning am wearing an 18 woop de doop!

Will update later with my weight loss.


About me

Hi my name is Liz I am 40 mum, working, English …. mum to 3, two stepchildren, one my own!  I have been overweight for most of my adult life getting heavier and heavier as the years have gone on.  Several things happened to me last year which made me stop and re-appraise my life.  A dear friend died at just 59, he was massively overweight – in fact we were  eating buddies and always enjoyed good food together – this was a real lightbulb moment for me and I realised that the way I was going I was unlikely to see 60 myself.

So, I thought about it and worried about it for a few months which is a very ‘me’ thing to do then my doctor started to talk about diabetes and I got the message!

In March this year I joined what I termed ‘chub club’ – it was a local Slimming World group and did really well – nearly 3 stone have already been lost but for the last few weeks I have struggled … big time.  There was a mess up at my group whilst the consultant was on holiday and the scales the other lady brought were wrong so they weighed everyone lighter than they were – then when the consultant came back it was handled extremely badly.  This had thrown me off with a week of staying the same then a week of only my second ever gain – only 1lb but I was upset and angry with myself.

So, I sat and worked out what I would like to lose and as of last Tuesday it was 101lbs.  I am using this first go at a blog as part of the method to get rid of those 101 pounds!

I dont really think anyone will read this but I decided to document my personal journey and prove that whilst it isnt easy I can do it and achieve this.

I have to say that I love Slimming World … the people who go to the group are normal … I have never felt better than I do now and I put a lot of that down to the warm caring nature of the members and the fact that I can eat vegetables and fruit as much as I need (With the odd treat in there for good luck).